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Saturday‚ 11th November 2017 - Pune‚ India

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We are doing it again!

Expert Talks is an annual conference that brings together practitioners from the software community to share technological innovations that drive modern businesses forward.

This year we will have conversations around Distributed Systems‚ Infrastructure and Security‚ Artificial Intelligence and Analytics‚ Blockchain and the Internet of Things.

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Blockchain Demystified

Dr. Pandurang Kamat

Blockchain Demystified

Blockchain, the distributed ledger and smart contract technology, has reached peak hype-cycle over the last 12 months. It first came to fore as the underlying technology that powered the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but over the last few years has come of its own. It is slated to be as transformative as TCP/IP was to the Internet and the world, with the same level of potential to fundamentally change industries, launch new products & businesses and create dramatic new trust paradigms. This talk will introduce and explain what blockchain is, demystify its power and potential, and provide insights into the transformations it can bring across industries.

Presented By - Dr. Pandurang Kamat

Dr. Pandurang Kamat

Chief Architect – Research & Innovation at Persistent Systems

Pandurang leads the Blockchain Research and Innovation program at Persistent. He and his team work with the leading blockchain platforms to create new product ideas, streamline business processes and save costs by eliminating intermediaries. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Rutgers University and has several, highly cited, international research publications to his credit.

10:00 to 10:45

Doveryai, no proveryai - an introduction to TLA+

Sandeep Joshi

Doveryai, no proveryai - an introduction to TLA+

Distributed software systems can evolve into complex beasts. Their non-determinism makes it difficult to verify if contracts between internal and external components are being violated. Model checking software which uses temporal logic has evolved over the past few decades to ease verification of such systems. An example-driven introduction to TLA+, the currently popular and easy-to-use model checker developed by Leslie Lamport.

Presented By - Sandeep Joshi

Sandeep Joshi

Sandeep is a Distributed Systems engineer and a Math geek with extensive experience in Database internals, Filesystems, Storage and OS internals.

10:45 to 11:00

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11:00 to 11:45

Data Science - An Engineering Implementation Perspective

Lalit Bhatt

Data Science - An Engineering Implementation Perspective

Data science is the backbone of AI. It’s about figuring out the underlying mathematical models which can be used further to build the future. However to make it to see the light of the day, it needs to be backed by a strong engineering implementations. This talk is about a journey, which has given me an opportunity to interact closely with data scientists and converting the ideas to engineering implementations. It would also touch on data science concepts also and how the engineering world views them.

Presented By - Lalit Bhatt

Lalit Bhatt

Experience Director of Engineering at Entytle, Inc. Lalit has 18+ years of experience in architecting, implementing and delivering multiple products successfully with a wide exposure on various standards, open source frameworks and technologies, and building and managing engineering teams.

11:45 to 12:30

Building Scalable and Anti-fragile Micro services using Pub/Sub, Docker and Kubernetes

Swapnil Dubey

Sunil Manikani

Building Scalable and Anti-fragile Micro services: Using Pub/Sub, Docker and Kubernates

Microservices is an architectural style that structures an application as a collection of loosely coupled services, which implement business capabilities. It has come a long way since its inception and is being widely used for developing loosely coupled distributed services. It becomes even more important when we talk about geographical data restrictions. Different levels of data security are required on per service basis. There can be various types of jobs as well: our infrastructure should scale up quickly and scale down eventually. In this session, we will be looking into how to achieve and enhance scalable and anti-fragile requirements for microservices.

Presented By - Swapnil Dubey and Sunil Manikani

Swapnil Dubey

Swapnil is right now contributing to Schlumberger Data Engineering team applying analytics in field of Oil and Natural Gas. Prior to this he was part of Snapdeal Realtime Analytics team as Lead Enginner. Swapnil in the past has worked as Cloudera Trainer. He believes in learning and sharing his learning across the community. A frequent speaker in meetups and active presenter in conferences. With more than 8+ years of experience, Swapnil has contributed in Domains of BFSI, Ad Serving and eCommerce with Hadoop,Spark and GCP as primary tech stack.

Sunil Manikani

Sunil is currently Data Scientist at Schlumberger, responsible for handling multiple data science projects in field of Oil and Natural Gas. Sunil in the past has worked as data science trainer. Sunil has worked in complex domain such as storage and life science before and has 10+ years of rich diverse experience in technologies ranging from C++ to google cloud.

12:30 to 01:15

Container Orchestration - “What’s in the box?”

Alicja Gilderdale

Container Orchestration - “What’s in the box?”

Many organizations lean into virtualised microservices to achieve greater efficiency and high availability. Containers facilitate this move, allowing faster scaling and simplified adoption to continuously changing requirements. Current market creates rich orchestration frameworks with integrated runtimes to simplify any strategic transitions while building future-proof digital businesses. This session will provide an overview of different orchestration platforms with emphasis on their functionalities and used technologies. We will also discuss their strengths and weaknesses to create a good reference point for anyone who plan to implement containerised, fully orchestrated infrastructure.

Presented By - Alicja Gilderdale

Alicja Gilderdale

Alicja is an Associate at Equal Experts, providing expertise in DevOps engineering. She has held a variety of roles in DevOps, Enterprise Architecture and Middleware Technologies for large organisations in financial, commercial and public sectors. Her current interests include Hybrid Cloud, IaaS and emerging technologies with emphases on containers, IoT and cognitive computing.

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02:15 to 03:00

Bringing product thinking to infrastructure

Neha Datt

Bringing product thinking to infrastructure

It's common to hear from DevOps that working on pipelines and infrastructure tends to bring out the "cowboy" within. Engineers are thrown into chaotic projects, and go straight into delivery mode, without necessarily focusing on which business goals to achieve via the infrastructure and platform. This talk would cover a few pointers on how to bring product thinking to DevOps, and how to bridge the gap between the team and the client. Clients who engage with us are often in the dark and don't know what "good" looks like, or what the "value" is of the capabilities we built. It's our job to understand how a specific business objective can be met via automated infrastructure provisioning, or improvements to the gated checkin process. This talk would cover some examples, learnings and tips.

Presented By - Neha Datt

Neha Datt

Neha started working in tech around 15 years ago as a developer and soon after moved into analyst and product roles. She loves delivering products and coaching teams towards continuous improvement. Most of her experience has been in internal products and services, platforms and, (most recently) DevOps infrastructure and services. It's in this "unsexy" world of enabling platforms and backend APIs that she loves working with her teams to apply product thinking, lean startup practises and user-centred design principles.

03:00 to 03:45

ABC of Distributed Data Processing

Piyush Verma

ABC of Distributed Data Processing

The talk is an anatomy of the data processing systems, their building blocks, methods & purpose. We split the system into layers; defining the relevance, need, & behavior of each. We study common frameworks & tools, what layer do they fit in & later showcasing typical architectures and deployments. This talk’s ambition is to leave you with an understanding of Distributed processing systems. Helping you identify the nature of problem your system has and the challenges you are about to run into with those, and how to tackle them. Common best practices laid out for you to pick from and common bad practices that you can avoid.

Presented By - Piyush Verma

Piyush Verma

Piyush Verma is a Platform and Infrastructure consultant. He is an ex-KDE developer and created Siminars.com. He likes Multiprocessing, Distributed systems, APIs and automating everything. When not coding he can be found cycling around the town.

03:45 to 04:00

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04:00 to 04:45

The Secrets in our Clouds

Akash Mahajan

The Secrets in our Clouds

Almost everyone realises the benefits of automation opportunities due to the modern infrastructure and practices. Also many of us, struggle to understand what is the secure way of bootstrapping secure ways of sharing secrets in the cloud and clusters.This talk will start at the point that we already have a cloud infra in place and now we would like to evaluate the best way to bootstrap and share secrets for our production workload.

Presented By - Akash Mahajan

Akash Mahajan

An accomplished security professional with over a decade’s experience of providing specialist application and infrastructure consulting services at the highest levels to companies, governments and organisations around the world. An active participant in the international security community and conference speaker both individually, as chapter lead of the Bangalore chapter of OWASP the global organisation responsible for defining the standards for web application security and as a co-founder of NULL India’s largest open security community.

04:45 to 05:30

IoT, Smart Cities, and Digital Manufacturing

Subodh Gajare

IoT, Smart Cities, and Digital Manufacturing

As City Authorities and their delivery partners strive to meet aspirations of citizens, they face complex choices and decisions about what type of city they are seeking to create. Different Cities will have different visions or priorities for development, reflecting the needs and circumstances of their populations and economic activities. At the same time, they face common challenges around maintaining economic growth and meeting the needs of increasing or ageing populations while reducing use of resources. This talk details on the IoT architecture and its foundational adjacencies to Mobility, Analytics, Big data and Cloud. It simplifies the architectural framework of a Smart city to a viable economic unit, delivering secure services to its citizens.

Presented By - Subodh Gajare

Subodh Gajare

Subodh comes with 24 years of rich experience in telecom software testing, integration and designing multiservice networks. He works with Cisco Bangalore R&D center as Sr. Solutions Architect. His focus has been on Service Provider and Enterprise Architectures. For the last 15 years he is with CISCO supporting platform development and design for SP and Ent customers. He is currently working on Cloud, Virtualization, SDN, Mobility and IoT business outcomes.

Subodh is a regular Industry speaker for IEEE, IoT Industry Summit, Cisco Live, Partner Summit and SDN summits.

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