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Saturday, 5th November 2016 - Pune, India

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An annual conference dedicated to everything software, Expert Talks brings together some of the brightest minds in our industry for a day of cutting edge conversations... and coffee...

Seminars, demonstrations, and brainstorming will be the order of the day as experts delve deep into the evolving world of software and its myriad facets.

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Phil Parker
Phil Parker

Phil Parker is a partner with Equal Experts, a role which affords him a huge amount of variety in his day-to-day work. He enjoys advising on organisational leadership, product/process assessment and reviews, running new project inceptions and getting directly involved with product delivery (even coding - if his team allows it!).

Gautam Rege
Gautam Rege

Gautam is the co-founder of Josh Software, and 9 year old Indian company that works exclusively in Rails (and now also in Go). Gautam is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and blogs at He organises RubyConf India, Gophercon India and a host of meetups and regional conferences in India. He loves debating, reading, drinking beer and playing sports. When he is not spending time with his lovely wife and 7 year old daughter, he plays soccer and swims.

Nuno Marques
Nuno Marques

Nuno is a partner at Equal Experts and has been doing agile as an engineer for about 10 years and several of those in startups and agile transformation projects. Since the beginning of last year, he has been helping Equal Experts open and grow a new office in Lisbon, Portugal. He also invests some of his time in growing and grooming several communities in Lisbon.

Aditya Godbole
Aditya Godbole

Aditya is a software architect with 13 years of experience. He has worked in many domains and technologies including Mainframes, Embedded systems, Linux and BSD Kernel Development, Image processing and Machine Vision, Web Applications, Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps.

Dan Mitchell
Dan Mitchell

Dan is the DevOps Lead for Equal Experts with a strong passion for technology, coding, continous delivery and automation. Always looking and wondering about the human elements of projects & proccesses. He enjoys getting stuck into the hard problems and delivering the work.

Chinmay Naik
Chinmay Naik

Chinmay is a pragmatic software developer who loves to solve real world business problems using technology. He has successfully delivered many projects for various organizations. He believes that answers to any software problem usually begins with "It depends…”. So he likes to reason about technologies and solutions considering the trade-offs they offer. He values simplicity in code, design, solution and ideas. When he's not writing code, he keeps himself busy with cooking, playing table tennis and debating global news updates with his wife :)

Ashish Nanotkar
Ashish Nanotkar

Ashish Nanotkar is a full stack software engineer. He started his career as a freelancer and entreprenuer. He worked with many big IT giants and helped them setup DevOps. His keen interest in keeping pace with technology has helped him to be a ployglot and at the same time understand the tradeoffs of using one. He has lead many critical and key projects and have helped his team to grow in skills and experience at the same time. Ashish is now focusing on helping people understand and implement Agile and DevOps. He believes strongly in values and culture beyond tools and scripts. He is acting as a DevOps consultant at EqualExperts. When not working he likes to have fun with Friends and Family. He also spends his time teaching devops and agile to aspiring minds.

Ketan Hajarnavis
Anay Kamat

Anay Kamat is Software Architect at 3Qi Labs and co-founder of PresentSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Anay is a highly creative software Developer who has knack for creating great and efficient code quickly.


Expert Talks 2016 will be held at :

The Westin Pune

36/3-B Koregaon Park Annexe,

Mundhwa Road, Ghorpadi

Pune, Maharashtra, 411001, India

Saturday, 5th November 2016

8:30 am to 5:30 pm


Why is there a fee for this conference ? We would like to clarify that this event is not intended to make any profits. We have added a fee for this conference to ensure seriousness of participation from people who have registered for it. In our experience, free events attract a lot of registrations but also tend to have significantly less turnouts. This impacts event planning in a big way.

I don't want to make online payment. Can I pay by cash / cheque at the event ? For this event, we are accepting online payments exclusively. We will not accept payment via cash / cheque at the conference.

Do I need to carry anything at the conference ? Just carry your conference ticket (...either a hard copy or a soft copy on mobile...). This will be needed to verify your registration. The ticket comes to your registered email address.

I would like to be a presenter at the conference. How do I go about it ?If you have an idea for a presentation which is in line with the themes of the conference (...Software Engineering, Delivery, Practices, Technologies...), please email us at Give us a small abstract of your topic, a brief bio of yourself, the duration of your talk and the logistics you may need for the presentation (...projectors, laptops etc...) If the topic is relevant and exciting, we will be happy to have you as one of the presenters.

Can I demonstrate and promote my work / product / initiative at this conference? If your work / product / initiative is in line with the themes of the conference, we will be happy to provide you a platform at this event for an open demo. Email us the summary of whatever you want to demonstrate and the tentative duration you’d require for demonstrating it. After review, if we find it relevant / exciting, we will be happy to provide you a stage.

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